The Jesus Campaign

#TheJesusCampaign is a collaborative evangelism movement designed to raise awareness of the person and work of Jesus Christ.


Its aim is to communicate a singular message:

Jesus Christ should be the leader of your life!


Four churches in Chicago are joining forces to blanket the city with yard signs, billboards, social media hits, and radical acts of kind service to build momentum around our message. All of these encourage the public to view a 2-minute video that clearly explains our message. You can watch the video here.


Friends, churches and Jesus followers throughout the city are welcome to help us spread the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Each generation must find a way to deliver the relevant, credible message of Jesus Christ. This is ours. Help us!


The campaign begins Palm Sunday, March 29. Part of its emphasis is to drive non-Jesus-followers to a local church on Sunday May 3.


Join #TheJesusCampaign today! Use our profile pic for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts. Purchase a yard sign for your yard, block and neighborhood. Record a 15-second video telling how Jesus changed your life. Post it with the hashtag #TheJesusCampaign.


Help us tell our city about our Savior.