Project Management Form


The Progressive Baptist Church Project Management Form is designed to assist ministries with event planning and execution.  If planning an event for your ministry, please complete this form in its entirety and submit it to for final approval.  Project Management Forms should be submitted at least 7 weeks prior to an event to ensure adequate consideration of all facility, financial, and announcement requests.


Included in the Project Management Form are several individual forms.  If your ministry is not planning an event, but would like use of the facility, to have an announcement reported, to have copies made, or any other support items considered, please consult the Project Management Form for the appropriate form.  (see below for a list of associated forms)

Announcement Request Form

Church Operations Form (ministry support)

Facility Form (facility rental/usage)

Special Mailing Form

Print Shop

Musician Request Form

Audio/Visual Request Form

Membership Development


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Policies & Procedures


Church Facility Hours of Operation
*note that the church office hours are Tuesday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:30pm

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 9am - 9pm
Wednesday: 9am - 9pm
Thursday: 9am - 9pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
Sunday: 6am - 3pm

The church office will be closed in observance of the following holidays:

Memorial Day                                                               Christmas Day (and other days TBA)
Independence Day                                                       New Year's Eve (1/2 day)
Labor Day                                                                    New Year's Day
Thanksgiving Day & Thanksgiving Friday

Office Deliveries:
The church office staff is not responsible for collecting, storing, or notifying members of personal deliveries made to the church. Personal orders should not be shipped to the church under any circumstances. The church office will only collect, store, and notify ministry leaders of deliveries made for church-related matters. It is the responsibility of each ministry leader to contact the church office once orders have been placed, prior to delivery (see Ministry Orders under Financial Policies).


Check Requests:
Check requests must be submitted on the appropriate form for processing and with prior approval. Check request fulfillment is within 14 days of approval, rather than of receipt.

Expense Reimbursement:
PBC does not grant reimbursements without prior written approval. Receipts must accompany all approved expense reimbursement requests. Expense reimbursements must be submitted on the appropriate form for processing and with prior written approval from the Deacon Cluster Leader who authorized the expense and the Director of Church Operations. Reimbursement requests should be submitted in a timely fashion. No reimbursements will be given without receipts or prior written approval.

Ministry Orders:
All ministry orders requiring church funds require pre-approval and signature from the ministry's Deacon Cluster Leader, prior to an order being placed. If a Deacon Cluster Leader is unavailable, the Director of Church Operations should be notified. Order placement requests should be submitted to the church office at least two (2) weeks prior to the desired delivery date. Funds will not be reimbursed, and approval will not be granted, for monies spent and orders placed without preapproval.

Contribution Statement Requests:
Contribution statement requests should be submitted on the appropriate form to the church office for processing. Contribution statement request fulfillment is within 7 days throughout the year and up to 4 weeks during peak season.

Bereavement Contribution Requests:
Bereavement contribution requests must be submitted by the Ministry Leader prior to the scheduled funeral services. PBC will grant a one-time contribution per bereavement on behalf of the entire church. Families may elect to waive receipt of the bereavement contribution for other services (see Funerals/Bereavements under Congregational Care Services).


Baby Dedications:
Baby Dedication services at Progressive take place on the second Sunday of each month and must be scheduled with the church office at least 2 weeks prior to the desired dedication date. Parents are required to complete a baby dedication form and to attend a one-time parenting class. The baby dedication form is available in the church office and at

It is the church's desire to walk alongside bereaved families to provide hands-on support and Grief Counseling during their time of mourning. Families should notify the church office when a loved one has passed and to schedule homegoing services. Families that have purchased grave plots through PBC should notify the church office at the time of a member's passing to have the plot opened, at no additional charge to the family.

PBC does not allow repasts. Families may elect to have a "pre-past" before the start of the funeral. Pre-pasts must be arranged through the church office at the time of scheduling. It is the church office's responsibility to notify respective ministries of their requested presence for funeral services.

Funerals are free of charge for members of the church. Membership benefits cannot be extended to family members who are not active members of PBC.

The Senior Pastor will officiate all funeral services. An appointed minister will be assigned by the Senior Pastor when he is unavailable. Requests for other officiants must be approved by the Senior Pastor prior to the scheduled services.

In order to schedule the Senior Pastor or an associate minister to officiate your wedding services, please contact the church office for the appropriate form, or complete the Marriage Intake Form at

In order to schedule your wedding at PBC, please contact the church office. Wedding services are discounted for active members of the church. All couples desiring use of the facility or scheduling an associate minister must first complete our required pre-marital counseling. Please contact the church office for scheduling and prices.

All requests for benevolence must be submited in writing for consideration. Individuals requesting benevolence funds should be members of PBC in good standing. Written requests may be submitted to the Director of Church Operations in a sealed envelope, to be handed over to the Board of Trustees for review.

Requests should include a copy of the bill, due date, and contact information. The rendered decision will be submitted in writing as soon as possible.


Designated parking spaces are assigned to the Senior Pastor and First Lady. Reserved parking spaces and handicap spaces should not be used except with proper authorization.

Members should adhere to city ordinances regarding parking on snow days and during White Sox home games. The church is not responsible for expenses related to towed vehicles. Vehicles towed while on or around church grounds will be at the owner's expense.

Vehicle Storage:
Vehicles are not to be stored on church property at any time. In an emergency, owners may contact the church office for overnight vehicle storage. Unauthorized vehicles left on church grounds will be towed at the owner's expense. Ministry leaders and volunteers on church-sponsored trips should make arrangements for transportation or vehicle removal.

Access to Church Building and Property:
All members, ministry leaders and users should reserve use of the facility prior to scheduling events at the church. A signed Facility Use Agreement will be required at the time of reservation.

All entrances to the church building are locked during business hours. For their security, staff members are required to identify visitors before buzzing them in.

The hiring of church-appointed security is required for non-church related events, and will be charged to the User.

Use of Rooms:
In order to utilize a room, submit a request form to the Director of Church Operations for appoval. Every request will be considered based on the time and availability of the room. The Director of Church Operations and staff will attempt to fulfill every request to satisfaction.

Use of Equipment:
Ministry leaders are granted access to the use of equipment for church purposes only. If a problem occurs while using any equipment, please inform the Director of Church Operations immediately.

Equipment and church property (i.e. tables, chairs, etc) for activities held outside of the church cannot be loaned or rented.

All music instruments are to be used by music staff personnel only. The Kitchen is not availlable for use by anyone outside of the Culinary Ministry, unless authorized by the Senior Pastor.

Lost and Found:
Any missing articles (i.e. clothing, Bibles, eyeglasses, etc.) are placed in the lost and found box. After 30 days, all unclaimed items will be disposed of or donated to a local ministry.