Our Core Values

We value… 

Christ-Centered Worship – Colossians 1  

It’s all about Jesus. That about sums up our intent at Progressive. The worship, outreach, discipleship, and giving is done with Christ at the center. If you experience nothing else at Progressive it is our desire that you experience Christ. 

Biblical Preaching, Teaching & Leadership – 2 Timothy 2:15 

At Progressive scripture is not an option it is our authority. We hold a high view of scripture and its role in the function of the church. For that reason sermons are expositional, Bible Study & Growth Groups build our understanding and love for God, and we are committed to conforming our leadership structure to the highest biblical standards. 


From the parking lot to the pew, every experience you have at Progressive will be one of excellence. We have found that God honors and people appreciate excellence. While we are not perfect, we still value every effort toward the best. 

Servant Leadership – Philippians 2 

We believe that the greatest among us are those who serve us. Progressive’s rich history is one of prolific service to its membership, community, and the city of Chicago. Every leader at Progressive is a servant of all. We believe that leadership is a privilege not a right. 

Authentic Community – Acts 2 

The church is a community of believers. The old Cheers theme song is right: ‘sometimes you want to go where they are always glad you came.’ We believe that everybody needs a place where they ‘fit,’ are loved and are cherished. People matter to Jesus. They matter to us too. 

Missional Ministry – Matthew 28 

We take the Great Commission seriously. Our Lord came to seek and to save that which was lost. Rather than adopting a “come and see” approach to ministry, we have adopted a “Go and Seek” mission. It is likely that you will see our church on the street, in the schools, around the market place and in troublesome neighborhoods. We seek opportunities to share Christ.

Our Mission

The Progressive Baptist Church exists to Glorify God by Growing authentic community, compassionately communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Giving Generously to the progress of the Kingdom of God, and Passionately Worshipping Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We envision a church that brings progress to your world. From our multi-generational membership to the community around us, everything we do is designed to encourage the brokenhearted, energize the believer, and enrich the Body of Christ.