Married Couple Ministry

The function of the Married Couples Ministry (MCM) at Progressive Baptist Church is to celebrate the joys of marriage, to cultivate a Christian world view of marriage, and to promote God's word as the blueprint for marriage. We achieve this through Fellowship, Enlightenment, Bonding and Dialogue


Marriage Mondays

Every first Monday of the month, we gather to encourage each other along in our marriages.


One Flesh Forum

The forum is an arena of open dialogue about marriage and issues related to marriage. Although various viewpoints and opinions may be expressed in the course of the discussion, the concluding statement of resolution shall be in accordance with the Word and Spirit of God (Proverbs 3:5-8).


The Forum is not intended, nor designed to be an individual or group counseling session. Its purpose is to illuminate and expound on the joy, peace, power, and strength that marriage provides when not governed by secular mores, but led by the hand of God through Christ Jesus.  


Married Couple Events 

Throughout the course of the year, we host events aimed to help strengthen your marriage.



Contact Us

To learn more about our ministry or to find help for your marriage, please email us at