Growth Groups will resume March 2019.

These non-traditional discipleship classes aim to help Believers cultivate meaningful bonds with other Believers, creating a space of love, learning, and encouragement that strengthens each individual's Christian walk. Growth Groups meet throughout the week at different locations in and around the city. Most Growth Groups are not hosted at the church to encourage members to identify and fellowship with PBC members who live in their neighborhood. Joining a Growth Group elevates the Christian experience for Progressive members, as it provides the opportunity to dissect real-life issues and what the Bible says about managing them. For more information on locating a Growth Group in your area, please email

Wednesday Noon

Pastor Charlie and Rev. Raynard Hawkins teach a Wednesday Noon Bible class each week at the church. It is a lively discussion centered around a Biblical passage or topic. It meets for one hour in the Fellowship Hall. This class observes Holiday breaks, and pauses for Church-Wide activity. Please check with the main office to be notified for when it is in session.

Discipleship Hour

August 2018 Discipleship Hour General Session - Join us each Sunday in August at 9:45 am in the main sanctuary as we study God's Word together. All classes including children and youth will meet as one during the month of August.