Counseling Ministry

The Counseling Ministry exists to provide counseling and relationship education for individuals, couples, and families in order to promote emotional and spiritual wholeness. Whether you are seeking help to work through the deeper issues of life or simply need encouragement to get back on track, we stand ready to walk with you to find hope and healing. Contact The Counseling Ministry today to begin or continue your journey to the freedom christ provides for all. You are not alone!  


Counseling Offerings 


Our Counseling Ministry offers an engaging and interactive premarital counseling process for unmarried couples. Marriage God's way is a lifelong commitment of a covenantal union between a man and woman and should not be entered into lightly. One of the greastest investments in your marriage will be your pre-marital counseling.  
If you are thinking about marriage or already engaged to be married, allow our Counseling Ministry to help you discover God's amazing plan regarding marriage so that you are personally and spiritually prepared to make this very important lifelong commitment. We use an assesement tool called Prepare Enrich that helps couples identify their strength and growth areas in there relationship. After you and your partner complete the assesement you will sit down with one of our Premarital counselors to walk you through your results. Sesssion Length: 60 min |  # of Sessions : 8-10  | Frequency: Meet Weekly 


Each relationship has its ups and downs and its own challlenges to face. Whether you are newly married or in a seasoned marriage one of our trained counselors  will work with you to work through conflict, increase communication and develop greater intimacy. We help couples explore the factors that influence their marital relationship such as home of origin, personal values, life experiences as well as individual goals. With a focus on practical skills that you and your partner can implement outside of the session, we are committed to assisting you to achieve a greater understanding of your spouse, God’s wisdom about marriage and even yourself.



The Bible encourages us to bear one anothers burdens. At Progressive, we are committed to providing a place where individuals and families find restoration, healing, and unity in their relationships. 


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