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You grow here. Our earnest concern is that regular attendees become disciples of Jesus Christ. To that end, we encourage you to mature by joining a Growth Group, Sunday School Class or life phase discipleship group. For more information, please email



Sunday School

Progressive offers a traditional Sunday School experience to meet the generationally diverse needs of our congregation. A variety of 9 Sunday School classes meet in the main sanctuary between the Worship Services each Sunday at 9:30am. 


Growth Groups

This non-traditional discipleship class aims to help the person with a busy schedule. Our Growth Groups meet throughout the week and at different locations. Most of our Growth Groups are hosted off campus to give members access to groups in their neighborhoods. The Spring 2017 Growth Group schedule will offer three groups at the Church proper. Joing a Growth Group gives you a chance to grow through fellowship with other Progressive members, learning in a small setting, and discussing important matters of Christian Discipleship.  Please contact the main office for the schedule. This Spring, we are engaging a study on controlling our speech. The curriculum is titled, "Watch Your Mouth" by Dr. Tony Evans. 


Wednesday Noon

Pastor Charlie and Rev. Raynard Hawkins teach a Wednesday Noon Bible class each week at the church. It is a lively discussion centered around a Biblical passage or topic. It meets for one hour in the Fellowship Hall. This class observes Holiday breaks, and pauses for Church-Wide activity. Please check with the main office to be notified for when it is in session.


Men's Discipleship

Men who lead well need accountability, Biblical instruction, and intentional fellowship. Progressive offers a seasonal Men's Discipleship group. It meets Saturday mornings at 7am. It does not meet year round. Please contact the main office for its schedule.


You can serve here. At Progressive, we place a premium on service. Our leadership leads through service. Our membership demonstrates the love of Christ in our city through service. Every Christian is given a spiritual gift, and we want to help you put yours to use. Connect with us and find a way to serve using your gift.

PBC Kids

We love children at Progressive! We believe that church for children should happen at their age developmental level. So we take great care, pride, and attention to detail in how we serve them. Our children's ministry staff is trained, competent, and compassionate. Bring your to experience the PBC Kids' ministry. It meets every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday. We encourage the entire family to worship together on 1st and 5th Sundays.